Back- to- School Frizz Have You Pulling Your Hair Out?

September is here and a new chapter begins for moms and kids. 

If only the chapter didn't start every morning with the " I hate my hair!" battlecry.

The struggle is real. After a summer of sleeping in, kids must now adjust to being up and out the door early in the morning. And while September may  be the start of Fall on the calendar, it sure still feels like summer. For many adolescent girls that means having to deal with frizzy hair while trying to look cute for school.

Moms: rying to rush an adolescent child out the door is stressful enough and an emergency hair makeover is the last thing you need.  What you really use is a an anti-frizz solution and we've got one! Botea Care Cream is a revolutionary frizz fighting cream that's inexpensive and easy to use:

Simply wash and condition as usual, apply Botea Care Cream generously from root to tip and leave to dry. 

Your daughter's beautiful, natural hair, minus the stress, minus the frizz.