Is your Perfectly Styled Hair Aging You?

Take a look at celebrity superstar J.Lo.

Notice how she seemingly never ages? She looks better than ever and fitter than ever.

Surely looking this good takes professional help, but one thing about the glamorous superstar that caught our attention is how imperfectly “undone” her hair looks lately.

Her doll-like coifs of the 90s have been replaced by wild, sexy, tousled hair. The result? A vibrant beautiful woman setting a new #freeyourhair trend all of us should follow.

This hair trend makes a lot of sense for glamourous women who want to stay active and look their best. It’s much easier to incorporate a vigorous workout into your day if you can easily style your own hair. And the key to that, is managing the frizz.

So here is how to get “perfectly imperfect” hair that looks younger and fresher:
After a vigorous workout,
1. Wash and condition your hair normally
2. Apply Botea Care Cream generously from root to tips.
3. Style the front pieces of your hair and leave the rest to dry
Ready for your personal #freeyourhair challenge? We’d love to see the results. Write to us or tag us in your pics.

With Love,
The Botea Team