So what changed?

My niece Maya , who happens to be a gorgeous fashion model with hair down - to -there was sporting the most perfectly styled frizz -free curls; not just one day but every day! In fact we’d see her with wet hair at the beginning of the evening and then hours later with perfect hair .My daughter Gabby, herself blessed with a thick mane of butt- long waves and serious frizz to match , asked what product she was using . The answer was simple and we left for Canada with a suitcase full of Botea Hair Cream. Seeing what it did for Gabby’s hair I , for the first time in many years, actually decided to do my on hair . Just like that. And also just like that, I was hooked !

I went from a twice weekly professional blow dry to wash and go ( I do blow out my short bangs in 5 minuets because short curly bangs aren’t a good look for me). I went from light walks exclusively on dry and mild days to doing daily hot Yoga classes. Within 3 months I lost 7lbs - what other hair product can make that claim ?!? Lol .

I let my friends use it and they too became completely hooked leading to the depletion of my Botea Hair Cream stash in no time. I needed more . I found out who made the product, a company that has been around for 20+ years with manufacturing capabilities well beyond their already expanding market . With distribution in the Middle East and Europe, Botea was still unknown and unavailable in North America . I was a believer and as an enterpeneur I had to go for it.  I contacted the company , obtained distribution rights and placed a commercial order. Hey, worse comes to worse I told my girls, we would have a lifetime supply of a product we already couldn’t live without .

What Botea Hair Cream does for me:
Allows me to wash -and -go my thick, curly/wavy/ bendy super frizzy hair with minimal styling .
• allows me to swim , get near water, walk in the rain without panic . Simple pleasures .
• Allows me to work out - really work out! Every day if I want to ( not that I ever want to).
• Has cutback dramatically on professional blow dries and freed me to experiment more with professional highlights and other potentially frizz -inducing styles but without the frizz (think short bangs, ombré - even in August ).
• Botea has freed my hair!