Let me confess: I know absolutely nothing about hair products. I am not a hair dresser, my background is an executive in the hardwood flooring industry. You cannot get further apart than the beauty business. I am not the best person to tell you from a chemistry perspective what makes Botea Hair Cream the best hair product out there (although you can learn more in the sciene section) but I can tell you that this product will change your relationship with your hair, maybe change your life or at least your lifestyle. It’s that amazing!

Until I discovered Botea, (while on a family trip to the Middle East where temperatures humidity levels blow through 100) My life had revolved around my hair, and more specifically the blow out. Virtually all my life I’ve been enslaved by my thick frizzy wavy/ bendy/curly hair . It wasn’t just me . My mother never swam, neither did my aunts. Dads and cousins took you swimming. Moms came to the beach and focused on keeping their hair dry.  

More than once I have to explain to my child that mommy couldn’t get her hair wet because, well mommy is a grown up and grown up mommies don’t dunk their heads...Yikes. It sounded really  bad because it was.

So this was my life before Botea:

  • Minimum weekly blow dry ? check!
  • Swimming ? Forget it. Don’t get me near the water for fear some fun loving free spirited child will accidentally splash me and ruin my hair.
  • Working out? Only the mild non-sweat inducing kind or only immediately pre -blow dry. Everything scheduled around the blow dry. That really affects your ability to work out. Makeup guru Bobby Brown once famously said : you have to choose “ great hair or great butt”. That used to be so true. No more! I want both !