But How?
Botea Hair Cream intensely moisturizers your hair. It contains a sealant that locks the moisture in and smooths the hair shaft. It does not change your hair, just gives it a frizz free, shiny - NON greasy finish.

What I love about it is that I don’t have to wash my hair every day. Even after an intense workout on a humid even rainy day my hair stays the same as when I started.

When I do get a professional blow dry, Botea Hair Cream makes it last longer and stronger.

And the best part? Botea Hair Cream is sold in large 500mL bottles that last a long time and provide ultimate value.

Ok, but what’s in it?
If you have baby soft, blonde smooth strands maybe bee pollen or pure mountain mist is enough to keep it looking fresh for you but us middle eastern / Latina and other exotic creatures need serious ingredients. Botea Care Cream is a unique formula made up of the highest quality natural ingredients. As the name suggests, “Botea” is made from botanical extracts derived from nature but intensified . All ingredients are health CANADA approved . Visit the "Science" section to learn more.